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Covid-19 Medical Face Masks are needed now.  For a tutorial visit for Jenny Doan's tutorial or google for others. 


Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Attention: Robert Silverstein, PPE Donations

3401 Civic Center Boulevard

Philadelphia, PA 19104

St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children

160 East Erie Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19134

Attn: Linda McDonough

Hospital of Univ. of Penn
Attn: Respiratory Therapy
Ground Founders
3400 Spruce St
Phila, PA 19104



If you are a quilter: You can use your stash of brightly colored kid-friendly fabric to create patchwork quilts of your own and donate them to us.  (Remember they need to be sewn and quilted on a machine with lots of machine quilting so they hold up to all the washings they go through at the hospitals.) Click here to request a quilt kit


If you are community minded: Connect with your local chapter of Quilts For Kids and see how you can help them donate more quilts to children in your community.


If you are someone with a stash of fun child-oriented fabrics: Is there fabric taking up valuable space in your closet that you intended to use in a quilt or other craft project? Don’t feel guilty about not doing the project—donate it to us to be made into quilts for the children.  We will be happy to send you a tax donation form!  Send the fabric to headquarters or contact your local QFK chapter. Fabric has to be “new,” unused, and not clothing or draperies,etc.


If you don’t sew, but still want to help: ADOPT A QUILT. A financial donation in any amount will go toward shipping quilts to children at children’s hospitals across the country. or toward funding for fabric.


Spread the word: You may think it a small gesture, but spreading the word that Quilts For Kids is in need of fabric, funding and quilters will make all the difference in the world to the 6-million hospitalized children nationwide .


Downy Documentary

Must specify United Way of Bucks County #40060.