Thinking of Starting a Chapter?


Here are the details:

 You will need...


A strong volunteer base...


Do you know other quilters who would like to help, or do you have a way to network?  You should also contact your local paper to let them know that you are “adopting” Quilts for Kids in your community and that you are looking for volunteers and donations.


Funds for …


  • Labels – Each quilt must have an official Quilt for Kids label attached to the back of the quilt.The cost of these labels, which are purchased directly from us, is $25.00 for 100 labels or 25 cents each.

  • Once you form a chapter, batting (if needed) can be purchased through us at WHOLESALE.This will be delivered directly to you. Enclose a note with name, phone and shipping address.

  • Fabric-- We purchase fabric wholesale. We have accounts with all major fabric houses. Many times we buy closeouts for less than wholesale.



If you decide that you want to start a chapter, we would like you to send a sample of your work.The quilt(s) must be machine pieced and machine quilted and must use a low-loft batting.You should include a note mentioning that you are interested in starting a chapter and that you would like us to “critique” the quilts for quality and quilting (including your name, address and phone number).The quilts need to have a lot of machine quilting because they will be washed and dried in industrial machines while the children are in the hospital.


Once we receive your quilts, we will then send you two kits so that you see the work we do at headquarters and what goes into the making of a pre-cut kit.Those need to be made into quilts and returned to headquarters.Again, remember to include a note with your contact information, mentioning that you are working toward becoming a sister chapter.  We will contact you to give you the go-ahead and send you a “sister chapter” packet.At that time we would need you to set up a separate and dedicated e-mail address for your chapter ( name, dedicated e-mail address and a contact phone number will be added to our chapter page of our web site.


If you decide that you do not want to start a chapter at this time, you can always request kits and send the finished quilts back to us for nationwide distribution.span>You will still be making a difference in the lives of children in need.We look forward to hearing from you.