Cancer Capes

Posted by pam on May 23rd, 2014


Turns out Kitty Hall-Harmon of our Winchester, KY, chapter is not the only one with the "cape idea."


A "snowbird" named Jeanne sews for QFK while in Florida, but back home in Wisconsin, she makes Cancer Capes for kids aged 3 to 8 at St. Vincent Hospital Treatment Centers.  Each cape is personalized with the child's initial and hospital staff add patches for milestones like "last chemo," "in remission," "happy birthday,"  or "I got my hair back!"


And guess what happens to the leftover gets cut into squares for quilts, of course.




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Use Your Imagination

Posted by pam on May 23rd, 2014

ft dix

Look at these quilts loaded into the back of Ft. Dix, NJ, Chapter Leader Jacquie Longacre's car and imagine 122 delighted children choosing their favorites at the Yellow Ribbon Event last Sunday.


The recipients are kids whose parents are being deployed with the New Jersey National Guard next month.  Thanks to our wonderful Fort Dix, NJ, Chapter for giving these kids something to hold on to while their dads and moms are in places of danger far away.


(Due to security concerns, Jacquie could not send us pictures of the kids.)





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Her SUV Runneth Over!

Posted by pam on May 16th, 2014


Irma Tapia, one of our very active volunteers in the Dallas, TX, area is smiling from ear to ear, thanks to Pellon and United Notions/Moda.


Pellon contacted headquarters and told Linda that Moda had batting that wasn't being used and that they wanted to donate it.  The only problem was who could pick it up, which became no problem at all with Irma in the area.


Irma got a tour of the United Notions/Moda facility, reporting that everyone was very friendly.


"It seems like nice place to work.  I saw so many fabrics I would love to put into a  quilt."  She drove away with all the batting she could hold!


Thank you, Pellon and United Notions for going out of your way to help QFK.  Quilts using that batting will be comforting children in the Dallas area very soon.



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A Quilt for Sarah

Posted by pam on April 8th, 2014

kristin and quilt

Almost everywhere QFK president, Linda Arye, goes she finds an opportunity to give a quilt to someone who needs a cuddle.


Last week Linda went to ETS (Educational Testing Service) in Princeton for their community service day and met Vicki who has been praying for a kidney transplant for her daughter, Sarah. 


As soon as she returned to headquarters, Linda started searching through the stacks for the perfect quilt.  The one she picked out just happened to have been made by our own staff member, Kristin!


We all make a lot of quilts for children and we never know who ends up with them, but in this case, a very pleased Kristin was able to send her best wishes along with a personal photo!

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The Cake Says It All

Posted by pam on April 1st, 2014


This beautiful celebration cake tells the story:


Not to be outdone by the "southern girls," our South of Boston self-professed "Yankees" wanted to shout it from the roof-tops that their chapter has made 2611 quilts since 2006 and will add to that total 175 by the end of the month!

Thanks, Debbie Grace, for bringing this accomplishment front and center.  We love hearing how committed our chapters continue to be!  Kudos to all the South of Boston members.




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