Another Wonderful Partner Joins Us!

Posted by pam on January 3rd, 2014

Baton Rouge Chapter Leader, Sharon Hicks, just let us in on some very exciting news: John Dauthat, founder, and  Blaine Austin, CEO, of Allbrands, have stepped up to offer support for Quilts for Kids. Giving back to the community has always been a massive part of who they are since their founding in 1976. A visit to their website is just amazing.



Recently, John and Blaine joined Sharon in delivering quilts to the children at Our Lady of the Lake Medical Center in Baton Rouge, LA. 


A few days later, working with Gwenae Darden, Allbrands Education Director and Events Coordinator, Sharon led a fabric drive with surprisingly good results.  The four kits put together by Gwenae sold immediately and were donated back to the Baton Rouge Chapter...and gift certificates totaling $250 were donated from customers.


Additionally, Allbrands will be hosting a series of workshops beginning February 1 and February ...

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Thanks, Michael Miller Fabrics!

Posted by pam on December 17th, 2013

michael miller

One of our wonderful partners, Michael Miller Fabrics in New York, sent us boxes and boxes of terrific fabric samples (commonly called "headers") last week.  As the staff unpacked them, the huge variety of patterns and colors became apparent.


Just think of the kits we can make!  That translates into a whole lot of quilts for children who need a cuddle.


THANK YOU, Michael Miller!

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Quilting Angel

Posted by pam on December 3rd, 2013


We've received the sad news from Coker Creek Chapter Leader, Donna Powers, that one of their best-loved and most prolific Quilters, Barb Prichard, passed away on November 23rd.


"She was a true inspiration to others with her generosity."


Our thoughts are with her husband of 50 years, Ed.

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Bringing Comfort to Military Families

Posted by pam on November 26th, 2013


We love it when our chapters get the recognition in their communities that they deserve!


Barb Lucas, Chapter Leader of San Antonio Military, shared a recently published article by Stefanie Arias in My SA.


Last year, the group donated 518 quilts to children; this year, their goal is 600!  In addition to comforting seriously ill children, quilts are also given to kids whose parents have returned from duty ill or injured. 


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Here's More from Houston!

Posted by pam on November 22nd, 2013

jackie mills

Jackie Mills joined Linda at Quilt Market/Quilt Festival in Houston, and sewed all day, when she wasn't acting as good-will ambassador for Quilts for Kids.


Carol, of "Aunties Two" donated two tuffets crafted from our QFK Lil' Monsters fabric by Diane Knott for Clothworks.


And Quilts for Kids received an award from Oklahoma for being the first charity to get quilts to the tornado victims!




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