Working Together

Posted by pam on June 5th, 2015

The connection between chapters and local quilt guilds is an important one, as demonstrated by our Coker Creek, TN, Chapter's affiliation with Village Quilters Guild, to which chapter leader, Donna Powers belongs.

This month, the guild will have a baby shower for Newborns In Need, which is a non-profit for women, girls and their babies.
Coker creek challenge

Donna explains, "Lots of new moms do not have any medical help or the means to prepare for their newborns.  This charity provides them with the necessary items to bring the babies home.  Guild members are urged to bring gifts to donate."

Guild members were also challenged to make quilts for the Coker Creek Chapter to supplement the chapter's donation to Children's Hospital, Knoxville.

We applaud these generous ladies for helping needy moms and children!

Chapters, make sure your local guilds know about the wonderful work you do for QFK. 

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Kids Quilting for Kids

Posted by pam on May 22nd, 2015

Vicki Young of our Sault Ste Marie chapter in Canada has taken some 11th and 12th grade high school students under her wing and is introducing them to the joy of quilting for children in need.

canada girls measuring

Four of the students worked on a very special project, putting together 2 kits for a friend of theirs who has leukemia.

canada girls cuttingNext week Vicki will be taking them to the hospital to tour the neo-natal unit and donate the quilts they've made.

canada girls with quilts
It's so heart-warming to see kids diligently working on a quilting project, not only learning skills they can enjoy for a life-time, but also realizing the wonderful feeling derived from giving to someone in need.

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Mermaids from Northcott

Posted by pam on May 5th, 2015

Yet another adorable fabric line from Northcott for Quilts for Kids is now available!  Click here for the full fabric line and watch for photos from the impending workshop!

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Marie and Mark

Posted by pam on April 6th, 2015

mariemark and linda
Friday, April 3rd was a red-letter day at Quilts for Kids!  Not only did Marie Bostwick hold a book-signing for her new book, Second Sister, she also invited her (and our) good friend, Mark Lipinsky to spend the afternoon. 

While Marie signed books and worked on a quilt top, Mark entertained our lucky volunteers with his unique sense of humor.

Thanks to Marie for taking time out of her busy promotional schedule to visit with us and donate part of the book sale proceeds to QFK! 

And thanks to Mark for sharing ideas on how to grow our charity, based on his extensive knowledge of the quilting world!

It means so much to us that Marie and Mark each give their enthusiastic endorsement to our mission, turning tears into smiles for children in need.

marie and linda
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Welcome Back, Laurie Carr!

Posted by pam on March 31st, 2015


Down in Summerville, SC, Laurie Carr diligently pieces and quilts colorful, beautifully-made quilts for children.  When her total reaches 100, she and her husband take a road trip to Fairless Hills, PA, to deliver the quilts.  

We're always glad to visit with them and ooh and aah over all the quilts. Some day soon, 100 more children in need will be smiling as they receive their quilts.

Thank you Laurie!

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