Thank You, Pellon!

Posted by linda on June 19th, 2015


Delivering quilts to the children of Tampa General Hospital in June was a touching experience.

We were fortunate to have the President and VP of Pellon with us as well as some of their wonderful staff.

As we went from room to room we were moved to see children grab the quilts and place their faces into them like they were cuddling them....some of the children were in surgery or having treatments so quilts were placed on their beds to surprise and comfort them when they returned to their rooms.

Thank you to Pellon for donating the batting that went into many of the quilts. With you we can reach many more children with our quilts

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New! Little Knight's Quest!

Posted by pam on June 16th, 2015

little knight

New from Northcott!  Little Knight's Quest features adorable knights and dragons in the magical kingdom complemented by crests, fleur de lis, stone walls and chain links.

Available in stores in November, get a sneak peek here!

Many thanks to our wonderful partner, Northcott, and to designer Deborah Edwards for their whimsical collections of fabric for Quilts for Kids. 

Remember, each time you purchase Little Knight's Quest, Cheeky Monkey and Little Mermaids, Northcott sends a portion of the sales to QFK.

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QFK Loves Dominion Energy!

Posted by pam on June 9th, 2015

dominion 2015Founding President, Linda Arye, is all smiles today because Bob Sauer, Dominion Energy (Fairless Hills) stopped by to give Quilts for Kids another generous check.

Dominion Energy has been a faithful supporter for years, and we are so grateful to them, not only for the donations, but for the willingness of Dominion employees all around the country to deliver quilts to children.

An on-going supporter of Quilts for Kids, Bob Sauer of Dominion Energy, recently stopped by to give founding president, Linda Arye, another generous check.  We are so grateful to Bob, Kim, and all the Dominion Energy people, who also volunteer to deliver quilts as they travel around the country.


- See more at:

An on-going supporter of Quilts for Kids, Bob Sauer of Dominion Energy, recently stopped by to give founding president, Linda Arye, another generous check ...

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Little Mermaids Workshop

Posted by pam on June 9th, 2015

little mermaids sewing

As promised, here's a look at the recent Little Mermaids workshop at headquarters, using the QFK Little Mermaids fabric line from Northcott.

little mermaids ironing
Designed by QFK's own Nancy Lacey, the pattern presented just enough of a challenge to our volunteers, who sewed with love, thinking of the delighted little girls who will receive these bright quilts.

Many thanks to our partner, Northcott, for their on-going support.  Look for "Little Mermaids" at your local quilt shop now.

little mermaid quilt
little mermaids sewing 2

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Working Together

Posted by pam on June 5th, 2015

The connection between chapters and local quilt guilds is an important one, as demonstrated by our Coker Creek, TN, Chapter's affiliation with Village Quilters Guild, to which chapter leader, Donna Powers belongs.

This month, the guild will have a baby shower for Newborns In Need, which is a non-profit for women, girls and their babies.
Coker creek challenge

Donna explains, "Lots of new moms do not have any medical help or the means to prepare for their newborns.  This charity provides them with the necessary items to bring the babies home.  Guild members are urged to bring gifts to donate."

Guild members were also challenged to make quilts for the Coker Creek Chapter to supplement the chapter's donation to Children's Hospital, Knoxville.

We applaud these generous ladies for helping needy moms and children!

Chapters, make sure your local guilds know about the wonderful work you do for QFK. 

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