Quilting from the Heart

Posted by pam on July 31st, 2015

The happy faces peeking out from these quilts are the “From the Heart Quilters, ” who recently finished seven quilts for Quilts for Kids. It was a labor of love that brought seven coworkers, and now friends, together for the purpose of giving back.

Michelle McLean, who works for Corvias Military Living in Fort Riley, KS, discovered Quilts for Kids many years ago after a friend received a quilt and learned firsthand the true comfort QFK provides.

They had so much fun sewing love into every quilt that they are already planning another workshop. 

Read Michelle's blog here.

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Jan Douglas Visits QFK

Posted by pam on July 7th, 2015

A recent Wednesday Workshop featured talented quilt designer, Jan Douglas, who donates a portion of all her sales to Quilts for Kids.


Kits featuring one of her newest designs (on the wall behind Jan in this photo) had all the volunteers enthusiastically putting together blocks of bright pastels.

Although Jan lives in Pennsylvania, near Amish country, her shop, Jan Douglas Design, is an online store.  Please click here to visit.  And remember to thank her for her support!


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Baton Rouge Tops 800 Quilts in 5 Years

Posted by pam on July 7th, 2015

Quilts for Kids Baton Rouge Chapter continues to provide a little extra comfort with donations of handmade quilts to patients at Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital.

“We hope the bright colors and warm feeling of these quilts wrap the children with love and comfort to make the hospital feel a bit more like home,” Lisa Porche, chapter leader said.baton rouge

Quilters meet twice a month for a day of sewing and then take quilts home to complete for monthly deliveries to the hospital. The team makes about 15 to 20 quilts per month.

During the past five years, Quilts for Kids has donated more than 800 quilts to the Children’s Hospital with the help of 12 volunteers.

Currently, they've partnered with Allbrands, who provides support as well as a meeting room for workshops.

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Get Quilty!

Posted by pam on June 23rd, 2015


If you like surprises in the mail, here's a heads-up from Patrick at Quilty Box. He is donating 5% of profits from multi-month subscriptions to Quilts for Kids.

See what it's all about here.

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Thank You, Pellon!

Posted by linda on June 19th, 2015


Delivering quilts to the children of Tampa General Hospital in June was a touching experience.

We were fortunate to have the President and VP of Pellon with us as well as some of their wonderful staff.

As we went from room to room we were moved to see children grab the quilts and place their faces into them like they were cuddling them....some of the children were in surgery or having treatments so quilts were placed on their beds to surprise and comfort them when they returned to their rooms.

Thank you to Pellon for donating the batting that went into many of the quilts. With you we can reach many more children with our quilts

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