Too Many Quilts?

Posted by pam on November 6th, 2015

Not a chance!


Betty Wright, the Northeast Georgia chapter president of Quilts for Kids, recently reached out to Athens Regional Pediatrics to offer a new volunteer partnership. Her team is passionate about quilting — so much so that their overflowing stock of quilts begged for homes. But who could benefit?

negaOver the past three-and-a-half years, her prolific chapter has donated over 1400 quilts to children who are sick, homeless or in foster care, and as of October 26th, Athens Regional has been added to the list.

With the help of Susan Rice's quilting group, they hope to make monthly visits to the facility and put a quilt into the hands of every child.

“I only hope I can keep up with the needs and wants of the kids at ARMC. I know I’m going to enjoy trying,” Rice said.

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Quilts for California Fire Victims

Posted by pam on October 30th, 2015

fire girls

These two adorable girls, daughters  of a firefighter, lost their home to the California wild fires just two weeks after moving in.

Bonnie Stearns, our Silicon Valley Chapter Leader, wanted us to know how pleased the girls were with their quilts.

"Every little bit helps the kids know that people 'on the outside' care about them and their plight."

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Emergency Comfort

Posted by pam on October 6th, 2015

fire quilts

Thanks to our Coldspring chapter, San Jacinto County first responders can offer comfort to children traumatized by an accident, fire or domestic abuse.

Linda Deeter and LaDonyce Hamilton presented 20 quilts to the San Jacinto County ESD, who then divided them among area fire chiefs to have on hand to give children something to hold onto in the midst of frightening situations.

Our thanks and congratulations go out to Cold Spring, one of our newest chapters!

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We Love Berry Basket Quilters

Posted by linda on September 29th, 2015

I am so grateful to the BERRY BASKET QUILT GUILD for partnering with QFK.

They have taught us that kindness and commitment can bring many more smiles to the most fragile of children that we seek to comfort with quilts.

 berry basket

They have opened their hearts to us and their members have worked side by side with us at quilt shows and quilt workshops.

They are the most generous compassionate women I've met in a very long time.

Sue and Sherry have created wonderful new patterns for quilts using everything from the small strings of fabric left over from Cindi trimming the fabric when she makes kits to coming up with wonderful stack and whack quilts from the donated fabrics we've received that aren't always "kid friendly " fabrics.

To all the members who have helped us at the various quilt shows we've needed help at to those ...

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Under the Sea

Posted by pam on September 22nd, 2015

Our Silicon Valley Chapter issued a challenge for their 4th Anniversary.  Each member had to incorporate this colorful tropical fish fabric in her design.

About three dozen quilts were made, each one flashier and more creative than the next.


What would you do with this fabric?



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