When Quilts Fly...

Posted by pam on May 21st, 2013

hopeWhen little Thomas started having seizures, he needed specialty care at Childrens Hospital in the San Francisco Bay area many miles away.


The trip was made possible for him and his dad by Hope Flight Foundation, founded by pilot, Douglas Harding, to provide free transportation for children with life-threatening illnesses to major medical centers.  Operating in California, Nevada and Oregon, Doug and his two volunteer pilots have completed 55 medical missions since they started flying in 2008.



As you may have guessed, QFK keeps Hope Flight Foundation supplied with quilts; we hope little Thomas feels as cozy as he looks. 

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Quilts are Treasures

Posted by pam on May 3rd, 2013


Bonnie Stearns, Silicon Valley Chapter Leader, always keeps us up to date on what's going on in her neighborhood. 


She recently delivered 31 quilts to LACY (Legal Advocates for Children and Youth) where Tiffany Acosta, Sr. Social Worker, received the quilts and gave the chapter members a tour of the LACY offices to meet other social workers and the attorneys who serve the clients.


They were thrilled with the quilts and assured Bonnie that they will be treasured by the kids who have so little, including one of Tiffany's clients who is only 17 and homeless.  


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Girl Scouts Help Deliver

Posted by pam on April 30th, 2013

Albany, NY, Chapter for Quilts for Kids delivered forty two quilts to Albany Medical Centers Child Care unit on Friday, April 19th. Leader Karen Casey, along with quilters and the local Girl Scouts and parents went to deliver the quilts. The response of the directors and staff at Albany Medical is what make this all worth wild. Keep those quilts coming!


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Columbiana Delivers Again!

Posted by pam on April 30th, 2013

Columbiana DeliveryOne of QFK's most prolific chapters, Columbiana, just delivered 80 quilts, all made with love, to Children's Hospital of Birmingham, AL, 22 of which were contributed by the Lakeside Quilters whose members drove 2 hours to make sure their quilts got into the hands of children who need them.


Agnes Pool and Shelia Gallups, Columbiana Chapter leaders, want to thank Gay Carriker, Carolyn Guppenheim, Sue Bizzard and Ileen German for that special delivery!


Columbiana workshop

Agnes also included a photo from a recent workshop.  Just look at those smiles!  You know that the kids who receive those quilts will smile right back.





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Smiling Faces In Georgia

Posted by administrator on April 9th, 2013

Northeast Georgia Chapter Leader, Betty Wright, reminds us that their first year was a great success.


Now they are off and running, eager to surpass their first-year numbers of 291 quilts delivered to four different locations, including Northeast Georgia Medical Center. 


Their volunteer list continues to grow as their local community offers recognition and contributions.  The Optimist Club recently donated funds for six quilts to be donated to Georgia Highlands Medical Services, and Thread Bear Fabrics in Cumming continues to support the chapter with fabric donations.


Thanks to Betty and all her hard-working volunteers, and all the best in your new year! 

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