A First in Florida

Posted by pam on September 5th, 2014




When Donna Rhodes heard about Quilts for Kids, she worked with the chapter nearest her home.  The only problem was that the Baton Rouge Chapter is not very close to Ponce de Leon, FL, but Donna persisted, traveling to help Sharon Hicks deliver more quilts.



Then, the inevitable happened; Donna decided to open her own chapter, Panhandle Quilts for Kids. 

They just made their first delivery of 20 quilts to the Sacred Heart Children's hospital in Pensacola, Florida!  Looks like Childlife Specialist, Meghan Kamau, was happy to see them.  (Pictured below, right, with Donna in her QFK t-shirt.)



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Focus on West Chester

Posted by pam on September 5th, 2014


Our newest quilting group, started by Carol Koroluck, meets every fourth Wednesday from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. at the West Chester Library in West Chester, PA.





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Have Dog, Will Travel

Posted by pam on August 29th, 2014

lou ann

Why is this lady smiling?  Because we told her to.  No, really.  This is Lou Ann Wise from Chesapeake, Virginia, who periodically drives up to Fairless Hills, PA to deliver quilts she has made for the children.


Pictured here are the 17 quilts she delivered today, which brings her total up to 102!


In the second photo you can see her trusted helper, Buddy, who sits with her as she sews and keeps her company on the drive.  What a sweetheart!

lou ann dog

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TV Coverage in Bakersfield

Posted by pam on August 18th, 2014

QFK Chapter in Bakersfield, CA. recently was featured on the local ABC news program.

















Take a look at the video here.


Keeping in contact with local media helps get the word out!


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Bonnie's Better Bindings

Posted by pam on August 15th, 2014

Binding is actually my favorite part of quilting.  Aside from jubilation that the project is almost finished, I find it very relaxing to hand-sew those tiny little blind stitches.  My corners are getting quite good, but every now and then, one just doesn't come out right.


I wish I could have attended Bonnie's Better Bindings class!



Silicon Valley Chapter Leader, Bonnie Stearns, the best binder around, offered to teach a class called "Bonnie's Better Bindings" at Paula Ivers shop, The Granary. 


Thirteen students responded and paid a total of $325 for the class, which Bonnie and Paula donated to the chapter...better bindings and a donation all rolled into one!


Bonnie says she's be happy to share the blurb and hand-out she wrote if other chapters would like to use them for their own classes.


Contact her at siliconvalleyQFK@gmail.com.


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