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Posted by pam on September 30th, 2014


I just got an email from Barb Lucas of San Antonio Military Chapter and thought about editing it.  Then I changed my mind.  Who could say it better than Barb, herself?


"On Friday, Joveda Nelson and I went to a community information event at the offices of Educational Testing Services in San Antonio. They invite groups that serve the community to come and tell about their programs and employees come through and choose their favorites by dropping a token in a container on that organization’s table. We took quilts and information and talked to a lot of people. We also got some tokens in our jar! The tokens will translate into donations from ETS Cares!


"Even more exciting was the opportunity to network with other groups. Girls, Inc. wants us to do an event with them and the girls; the Diaper Bank wants quilts (maybe we can make those ...

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Posted by pam on September 26th, 2014

spoonflower1Energy filled the air recently at this workshop held at Spoonflower Greenhouse in Willow Spring, NC.  Rebecca McCoy sent us an exuberant email telling us that 20 volunteers of all ages attended, and 30 quilt tops were finished in addition to 15 donated by Spoonflower employees.  


"Everyone was so excited to learn more about how to help Quilts for Kids! 





"Bonnie and Vickie, organizers of the Willow Spring, NC chapter of Quilts for Kids, did an amazing job wrangling quilt kits, volunteers, and explaining more about their work with Quilts for Kids, letting everyone know exactly where these quilts would be donated--their energy is amazing!


"Our friends at Fairfield also donated two large rolls of batting to finish the quilts!"


 Thank you, Spoonflower, Vicki, Bonnie and Becca...and all of your wonderful volunteers in the Tar Heel state!





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"I Have Enough Quilts"

Posted by pam on September 23rd, 2014



In our most recent newsletter we asked you for stories about Quilts for Kids.  How did you find us? 


Here's a particularly touching story from Janet Mahan:


"When my grandson was 8 years old, he said to me, 'Grandma, I have enough quilts for now.  I think you should make some for homeless people so they can wrap up in them and feel loved.'


I had just recently learned of Quilts for Kids, so I asked him if I could make them for children in hospitals so they could wrap up and feel loved. 


He thought that was a good idea.  So, now I sew with the QFK Marana, AZ, chapter.  Friends in my sewing group enjoy cleaning out their sewing rooms and passing on anything I find useful.  It's a wonderful past-time that I highly recommend."


Thank you Janet, and give your grandson a big hug from ...

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First Sunday at Headquarters

Posted by pam on September 9th, 2014

batik wkshp2

Dubbed "Striptease" by workshop attendees, this striking pattern is a combination of an idea from a volunteer and a design by staff member, Nancy Lacey.


With fabric samples donated by Textile Creations, kits were cut by workroom supervisor, Cindi Rosenberger, to give everyone a head start and enable them to finish the top, if not the entire quilt, in one day.


This convivial workshop yielded 25 more quilts for sick children.


We'd love to hear about some of the ideas and patterns your group has come up with!


batik wrkshp1




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A First in Florida

Posted by pam on September 5th, 2014




When Donna Rhodes heard about Quilts for Kids, she worked with the chapter nearest her home.  The only problem was that the Baton Rouge Chapter is not very close to Ponce de Leon, FL, but Donna persisted, traveling to help Sharon Hicks deliver more quilts.



Then, the inevitable happened; Donna decided to open her own chapter, Panhandle Quilts for Kids. 

They just made their first delivery of 20 quilts to the Sacred Heart Children's hospital in Pensacola, Florida!  Looks like Childlife Specialist, Meghan Kamau, was happy to see them.  (Pictured below, right, with Donna in her QFK t-shirt.)



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