Exciting Things are Happening!

Posted by pam on August 13th, 2013

Founding President, Linda Arye, has just finished a whirlwind tour of Florida (yes, in August!) getting together with our newest partners, Pellon, Juki, and Camelot Fabrics.


tampa girl

In addition to discussing exciting new ways Pellon can help Quilts for Kids, the group delivered quilts to children at Tampa General Hospital.


To come: Pellon products branded QFK.  Watch for them and help comfort children at the same time with every purchase.

miami girl





With the Juki folks, Linda donated quilts to Miami Children's Hospital and talked about ways Juki can help QFK wrap more children in the comfort of hand-made quilts, in addition to the ten sewing machines they have already given us!








Then, it was up to Orlando to join Canadian-based Camelot Fabrics, who have teamed up with the Mothers of Professional Basketball Players, chaired by Lucille O'Neal, to launch the Sew Social Project that will provide quilts to help us ...

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Meeting Goals in Indiana

Posted by pam on August 6th, 2013

Cathy Case's goal for the Indiana Chapter of QFK was to grow to 100 members who would each commit to making one quilt a month.  That way, 100 quilts per month could be donated to children who need a hug.


Although still growing, membership has not reached 100 yet, but in April and again in July 100 quilts were delivered to Peyton Manning Children's Hospital at St. Vincent!


100 Indiana

As Cathy says, "There's nothing quite like bringing in a wagon train full of quilts that you know will bring smiles to the faces of the children."


Kudos to all you Indiana ladies!

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Need Quilting Ideas?

Posted by pam on August 6th, 2013

juki flowers

We've just added nine more quilts to the gallery pages!


The one seen here was made by a volunteer at a QFK workshop.


On a side note, the quilts are listed in alphabetical order on the gallery pages, not in "last added" order, so scroll through to make sure you've seen them all.

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Tennessee Teen Challenge

Posted by pam on July 23rd, 2013

1st place

Last year's Teen Challenge quilt proved very popular with QFK's very active Coker Creek, TN, Chapter, so they've done it again!


Hardworking judges Gayle Edwards, Karen Eshman, Patti Willeford and Lynda Dicandio had a hard time reaching a decision; each one of the 18 quilts was amazing.  Only by using a specific point system, were they able to choose the top 3.


1st Place went to longarmer, Anita McClure, for her circle quilt.

 2nd place

2nd Place went to co-leader, Mary MacEachron, for her guitar quilt.


3rd place

3rd Place went to Barb Prichard with her stripes and squares.


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70 and Counting...

Posted by pam on July 19th, 2013


These three intrepid ladies, Mary Prokarym, Dane Niess and Sue Volpe, from a quilt group in Scranton, PA, drove 2-1/2 hours each way from home to headquarters in Fairless Hills, PA, to bring us 70 quilts to help fill our quilt room, severely depleted by our having shipped out 1900 quilts to families impacted by the recent tornadoes and wild fires.


They took 35 more kits with them to the group, planning to add 35 stash quilts as well, hence another 70!


Displaying a wide variety of colors and themes, the quilts are beautifully made and certain to hold up to a lot of loving and laundering.  


Thanks, ladies, for making 70 more children smile and comforting 70 more families in need of a hug.










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