Bonnie's Better Bindings

Posted by pam on August 15th, 2014

Binding is actually my favorite part of quilting.  Aside from jubilation that the project is almost finished, I find it very relaxing to hand-sew those tiny little blind stitches.  My corners are getting quite good, but every now and then, one just doesn't come out right.


I wish I could have attended Bonnie's Better Bindings class!



Silicon Valley Chapter Leader, Bonnie Stearns, the best binder around, offered to teach a class called "Bonnie's Better Bindings" at Paula Ivers shop, The Granary. 


Thirteen students responded and paid a total of $325 for the class, which Bonnie and Paula donated to the chapter...better bindings and a donation all rolled into one!


Bonnie says she's be happy to share the blurb and hand-out she wrote if other chapters would like to use them for their own classes.


Contact her at


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