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Posted by pam on August 1st, 2014

Sometimes asking for money is not easy, but getting the word out about QFK in your local community is so important.  Barb Lucas, chapter leader of San Antonio Military Chapter just sent us a photo of her receiving a donation from Pursch Motors representative, Bessie Escobar. 


I asked her for some pointers I could share with other chapters.


barb check


Her main suggestion:  open your mouth and ask!  She acknowledges that she is a born salesperson, like her dad, but when you passionately believe in a cause it's not so intimidating to approach local businesses. 


She also suggests sending photos and articles to your local paper on a regular basis and speaking to community groups such as Rotary.


So, today I've heard about a donation from a local business and a quilt raffle to raise money.  Anyone with other ideas?  Let us know!  







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