Quilts in Court

Posted by pam on July 5th, 2013

 silicon quiltsOur Silicon Valley QFK Chapter does an amazing job distributing quilts in and around Santa Clara County, CA, not only to hospitals but also to LACY, Legal Advocates for Children and Youth, whose attorneys and social workers advance the legal rights of their clients  and empower them to lead happy, productive lives.


Recently, Chapter Leader, Bonnie Stearns, passed along a couple of stories that underline just how important the quilts are to these kids.  (No pictures are avaliable because of confidentiality issues.)


One social worker showed Bonnie a photo of a 14-year-old girl who was thrilled with her quilt.  Another client, a frightened 17-year-old girl who had just met with her social worker for the first time, exclaimed, "I love quilts!" upon receiving her quilt.  That caring gesture changed her whole demeanor.


A six-year-old and a toddler wrapped their quilts around themselves as they waited in court for their hearings.


Bonnie couldn't believe how many older kids, as old as 20, are still in the foster and supervised care system.  Another social worker related that the boys are especially fond of their quilts, often thinking that "things like these" are for girls.


This fall, Bonnie plans to take quilts to EMQ Families First, an organization that helps children in crisis to ensure that families thrive, and has asked her members to make at least one teen quilt.


We are so appreciative of the ways our chapters make a difference in their communities.  None of us knows how profoundly these children's lives may change; we can only hope that our kindness makes a difference.

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